Research Center

Digital Research Center and Idea Bank

Here will be loaded up all research materials, which describe handicraft techniques that can be useful in the contemporary European design. For these materials the local art committee is responsible, they write and edit them. The language of the files is English, and the materials are include photos too. After the end of the project we would like to expand continually the research centre with new research materials, to continue to inspire with new ideas the European artists and specialists.
Countries of the contents: Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia.

For download: click on the titles (PDF files)


Alice Klouzková: Traditional Czech Woven Textiles (PDF)

Alice Klouzková: Knitted Design (PDF)

Alice Klouzková: Art Protis (PDF)

MgA. Iva Š. Tattermuschová: Art and/or Design in Czech Glass and Porcelain (PDF)

MgA. Iva Š. Tattermuschová: The Craftsmanship of Czech Design (PDF)


Texts by Illés Vanda

The Blue Dyeing (PDF)

The Matyó Culture (PDF)

The Busójárás in Mohács (PDF)

Birds (PDF)

Pastoral Art (PDF)


Text by Angelo Bucci

Merletto di Burano / Burano Lace (PDF)

Ricamo / Embroidery (PDF)

Sfilato siciliano / Sicilian embroidery (PDF)

Taranta / Coperta Abruzzese (PDF)

Merletto al tombolo / Pillow lace (PDF)


Cross stitch (PDF)

Piwniczna SPA & Conference Hotel (PDF)

Carpets from the “Folk” collection by Agnella (PDF)

Bobbin lace (PDF)

“New Folk” furniture series by Vox (PDF)

AZE Studio – In-between the old and the new (PDF)

Łowicz cut-outs (PDF)


Corn husks (PDF)

Hat-making and felting (PDF)

Tinkering (PDF)

Turnery (PDF)

Wickerwork basketry (PDF)


Decoration on Easter Eggs (PDF)

Decoration on Fur Coats (PDF)

Embroideries in Gorenjska (PDF)

Coloured Embroideries (PDF)

Embroideries on Clothes and Clothing Accessories in the19th and 20th Centuries (PDF)