About the Project

General Intention and subject of the Project:

The main aim of the project is to reveal the relationship between the modern and the traditional art in the fields of applied arts and design. The project wants to study the artistic tradition in European countries and to show how these ancient motives, symbols and techniques influence some contemporary artists. This project will demonstrate how a common heritage in Europe can participate in a better historical understanding and intercultural dialogue among European citizens. During the project we want to define: What do history, roots, and the past mean to Contemporary Art? Where do past and tradition stand vis-à-vis Contemporary Art? What is the relationship between local culture and history of modern art in the European sense that is set forth as a universal model? What do productions based on hand skills mean to the contemporary arts? In the present political discussions, what is the position of "the past", as an identity issue? The project wants to show the actual existence the tradition on the contemporary applied arts and design in the partner countries. Accordingly we do not intend to organize traditionalist folklore activities, but such traveling contemporary art program series that are based on the cultural traditions of the partner countries and at the same time reflect the everyday reality of our world today. First of all we want young artists to participate in the project, because we are interested to know what cultural identity and tradition mean to them, or rather how it appears in their art and their artistic products. Nowadays the contemporary ethno art and design is a very exciting professional stream in the European culture. Today traditions and original culture have drawn so much attention as never before. Art concentrates national features and the people can realize as art prevents cloning and declares originality. The countries of Europe form very colourful cultural mosaics with the traditions, lifestyles, and beliefs shaped by different cultures that have migrated from different lands, and the many languages that have interconnected. Europe is a unique land, where numerous societies and many religions and cultures coexist. The project wants to reveal the common connection points of these different cultures, to find the bridges between traditional and modern.

General objectives of the project:

- the presentation of the colourful characters and richness of European traditions.
- the support of the contemporary designers by giving new knowledge at the European level.
- searching of the common connection points of European folk arts and modern design, and researching the present utilization of old techniques into contemporary applied arts.
- showing to the wider audience of a unique design, which based on traditional technics.
- looking for answers how the contemporary eco- and sustainable design can utilize the working methods of traditional crafts.
- building up a European professional network, where the long-term cooperation of experts and artists can be realized.

Time frame of the project: 10/12/2013 - 09/12/2015